Friday, July 13, 2007

News: Can sustainability and globalization co-exist?

In a report released by Shell, Ford, Novo Nordisk, Vodafone, The Skoll Foundation and others, globalization and sustainability are assessed within the frame of 21st century business. The conclusion: “there is no more business as usual.” The report, entitled Raising Our Game: Can We Sustain Globalization, was released by consulting firm SustainAbility. The report illustrates four different scenarios for 2027, titling each scenarios after a card suit. The best scenario, “Hearts,” depicts a neo-renaissance of politics, economics, and sustainability coalescing homogenously.” Diamonds,” the worst scenario, depicts democratic lifestyles sweeping the globe, and destroying ecosystems and disabling decision makers and inhibiting society’s ability to respond.

The report outlines seven recommendations:

  • Plan for the unexpected
  • Focus efforts in areas of developing needs and booming populations.
  • Over time, a blended value bundle will be the norm in future business.
  • Work to increase Earth’s “immune system” through market intelligence and creation. Be a source for help.
  • Find opportunity in social and environmental issues
  • Step outside the comfort zone to find new innovations, technologies, and solutions.
  • Get involved in the politics, and find the vision, courage, and innovation to lead your company into the next business sphere.

If your organization needs help thinking through these issues, why not contact SSC for a consultation?

Sunday, July 08, 2007

NEWS: Business owners are willing to go green

Wells Fargo/Gallup polled 600 small-business owners and found that two-thirds would pay more for environmentally friendly goods and services. They also found that 43% of business owners polled “believed their customers would be willing to share the added cost of being environmentally-friendly.” However, 49% of owners were worried customers would not be willing to pay more for greener products and services. Still 47% of owners surveyed have already implemented greener practices/products into their business.

ArmorLite Roofing created a roofing material that was, “lightweight, durable, and used the least amount of natural resources.” Their product has been well received by clients, including state and federal governments. ArmorLite creator Frank Lane has been pleasantly surprised at the reception his product has received from consumers: “"I knew what I was doing would be important, but I didn't realize the magnitude of importance it would have in the community and the response that we would receive."

As consumers get more aware of their purchasing power, and the mainstream becomes more and more sustainable, don’t let your business get left behind. SSC can help your business become a sustainable enterprise.